Sites of Hawaii

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We started the sites of Hawaii website in order to share some of the many thousands of pictures we have from our trips to the islands. Our first visit to Hawaii was on our honeymoon a long time ago. It took us a while to do a second visit, but it became a family favorite after that. Our daughters made numerous trips to Hawaii while they were growing up. When they got married, they both went on honeymoon in the islands just as we did.

We have taken many pictures of the islands over the years. There are lots of sites filled with professional photography of the islands, and they will gladly send you a print for a price. Sites of Hawaii is for everyone. The pictures are one family view of the beautiful islands. Our goal is to share the beautiful islands of Hawaii with visitors so they too can fall in love with the Hawaiian Islands.

We’ll add updates as we get more pictures posted. We hope you enjoy our visual journey to the islands.  Aloha Rick